Friday, 25 February 2011


Going to change my strategy but still on trial...






Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Diet is put on hold..until i re-gain my strength (example : take multivits).....huhuhuhu...

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day 8: Survivng..

18/2/11, Friday :

Starting Weight : 65kg....huwaaarrggghhh!!!
Current Weight : 64.2kg
Total Loss :0.8kg

Breakfast :Nasik lemak, warm water

Lunch :grilled stingray , burger's meat, taugeh, warm water

Dinner :chicken tomyam, telur bungkus, warm sunquick

Water : ~2L

Exercise : None
Total calories worked : None


Read about atkins diet...fuyooo, there's alot of taboo for initial start-up....huhuhu, where can i get all the meat...there's alot of carbo food in the world we live avoid eating nuts, processed food...even FRUITS cannot??!? huwaarrgghhh....ive tried to resist for these few days n i cant stand the hunger...not dat i wanted to eat rice so much, i want to eat all other junkies, bread, pastry, noodles....

its hard for me to eat fish...i dont like fish so much due to the smell n a lot of bones...other than 'ikan pari', not so keen on others....steamed is a NO-NO....only fried or grilled or baked....wit rice, i can eat a lot...without the rice, im only able to goble a ill be hungry in an hour...if i dont eat anything, ill start to feel gassy (this starts to happen during my pregnancy)...fortunately not until the point of heartburn....

today, after a week....i breached the no carb after breakfast diet by eating 2 gardenia buns after work...didnt had any teabreak (too many meetings i hv to attend due to boss entrusted me wit more responsibility dis yr...chance to prove myself as a powerful, outstanding engineer...muahahahaaa, berangan2 but i loikeee)....felt too weak already, to the point dat i may stumbled, not able to walk, hence the sacrifice of my diet...

will i survive the next day??

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Day 2 : At home...

12/2/11, Saturday

Starting Weight : 65kg....huwaaarrggghhh!!!
Current Weight : I didn't weight myself
Daily gain/loss of : N/A
Total Loss : N/A

Breakfast : capati (1 pcs), nasi lemak 60cent (1 packet), teh tarik
Lunch : bawal in sweet sour, fried veggie (broccoli, carrot, kacang buncis, fishball)...
Teabreak : Banana n sweet potato fritters
Dinner : Ayam goreng McD ( 2 pcs), nugget (4 pcs), minute maid (regular)
Water : ~1.5L

Exercise : gardening for half an home wit lil girl...
Total calories worked : How to calculate?? hihiii..

Day 1 : A starter..

11/2/11, Tuesday

Starting Weight : to be updated

Breakfast : 1 packet of Nasik lemak, milo
Lunch : bawal bakar, salad, kerang rebus
Dinner : pasembur (minus the cucur), 4 pcs of nugget
Water : 1.5L
Snacks : Chocolate

Exercise : None
Total calories worked : None

Not much activity in the production, just sitting finishing up some, not much walking....

Friday, 11 February 2011




Malaysia boleh!!

All dis words i need to keep saying to boost my spirit, to keep me motivated...


FAST!! (sis' weds in a month time...need to look good for the pics)

Aim :
to fit into my nikah's dress...i didnt even dare to try..horrorrrrrrrrr...

Method :
Wan's diet regime...Protein only for lunch and dinner...No starvation...Nasik lemak still ok for breakfast =D
Will make a daily entry on what i ate, exercise....

Duration :
1 month

Kilos to lost :
I dont even dare to weigh myself...(plus i havent receive the scale from mom yet)
To be updated..


The story goes like dis...i can hardly fit into my jeans....uwaaaaaaaaa, need to buy new jeans...

I've been trying to avoid dinner..having fruits only..but whenever im stressed at work, too many things to do...ill end up eating bihun sup, nasik kandar, char ho fun etc at not doing it seriously...still, i cant fit NICELY into my jeans...

Hubby suggested i changed to protein only need to'll make me hungrier..

Then, i was blog hopping when i stumbled upon a blog dedicated to how she diet...record everything...following a diet a way, by blogging dis helps her to be true to herself, to monitor her, im going to follow n to blog about it as ensure i did progress something, to stick to my diet regime, to be least, losing 1-2kg...

The one main reason im not consistent is becoz of breastfeeding...i was afraid dat i might not provide enuf for lil girl....but what the heck now, my milk is getting i might as well go all out....n sis's wedding is a big reason to get slimmer....

Wish me luck guys!!

Day one starts today 11/2/11.....waaahhh, what a nice date....will post tomorrow what i ate today...

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