Sunday, 18 July 2010

Home Sweet Home

Above pics - house renovation in progress..

Hmm, where do I start....I know its a bit sudden..we were browsing and searching for some interesting house to buy...mainly aim for semi-d or corner lot with just a single storey...we want some land for ariana to play....see, me n hubby grew up in bungalows...we had plenty of spaces to run, play, even, now both parents have moved out (govt quarters, so of coz u have to move out when u hv retired =D)...i think the biggest motivation for us to start looking was becoz i started to work nearby....we were searching around the area n finally stumbled upon a nice end lot single storey terrace which coincidentally had a 10% discount...the house had already been completed 2 years ago but nobody purchase, alhamdulillah, it was our 'rezeki'....

Crucial things to do :

- Grill : Important to protect the house...wishlist : wrought iron grill

- Wiring : Additional power points, lighting, heater point, aircond point...wishlist lots of power point..

- Curtain : corner lot comes with a lot of windows...wishlist : roman blind..

- Kitchen : lotssssssssssss of wishlist....people say its the heart of the house...wishlist : kitchen cabinet, wet n dry kitchen, breakfast counter....unfortunately not much space at the back to do extension...also kitchen area is not big enuf to put a breakfast, we can lavish on the kitchen cabinet..

- Renovation : the house had its occupants b4 we bought the house...unpaid had to chase them the roof, ceiling...cement some places....piping work also done by the same contractor...

- Interior deco : wish we can hire one ID....but....not enuf EPF money la =P....

will keep posting more updates...tata...


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Congrats on your first purchase! Aku pun suke rumah yang ada tanah lapang ni. Tapi sadly dekat KL either ko buy corner lot, semi-D or banglo yang harga RM600-800k. Manalah nak carik duit macam tu kan. But someday hopefully. Some day =)

Aku pun mula2 mahu wrought iron tapi mahalnye wrought iron nih. Sakit jugaklah kepala pk mana nak cari duit. Tapi aku tak berhabis banyak kot untuk rumah aku tu. Cukup apa yang perlu je. Sebabnye aku mengidam nak duk rumah lagi besar in the future where I can hire ID nanti and buat semua built in! Wah...cita2 bukan main lagi tapi berangan tu kan best and that's what we, women do best right? Hahaha =)

Insya-Allah rumah aku siap Jan next year. Excited kan nak masuk rumah baru? Hihihihi.

intonne said...

Tenkiu nawar...heheh, mmg excited sgt...tiap2 ari pon aku berangan...nk wat itula, inila...mmg nk bg jd bes sesgt tp apakan daya, br keja 2taun je kan, savings xbyk umah ni akan ade byk phase of renovation in the future..

Mmg nk wat sume built in...especially wardrobe yg bleh walk-in....seb baik ade extra tanah, nk tmbh bilik lg satu pon bleh....=D

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