Friday, 6 January 2012


I'm beaten by the 2-yr-old girl....

Remember in my previous post, I said dat when I'm stronger, I will not surrender to the lil more sweet treats, chocolates, lollipops...

HAHAHA....HOHOHO....who am I kidding.....

I forgot to add in the fact dat when I'm stronger (after the morning sickness), my tummy gets bigger (seriously I think its big, not tally with the week im supposed to be in...maybe my due date is wrong?? hmmmmm..) exhausted more movement is restricted...seriously, i was panting for my breath after taking the thinking of doing yoga (for pregnancy of cos)...think it'll help?

I cannot lift the lil girl (she's 12kg now)....not for a long time, 5mins mayb? but she keeps on insisting 'ibu, ibu...nk utung' <----means dukung......even when there are are other people around, even when pak is around....hold me tightly around the neck, refusing to walk/let other people to carry her....sometimes willingly sits on stroller.....sometimes want to run around the shopping complex (dis is when pak starts to 'jom balik la mcm ni' when we've actually juz arrived....pls imagine ibu's face..)


*she likes to add the word 'ni' to her sentences.....example :

*xbowleyh dudok niii!!!!* (time ni tetiba ja marah ibu tgh duduk atas sofa...out of nowhere menjerit)

*pakkk!!!! baca nii...* (time ni dlm keta, tgh baring atas paha ibu sambil baca buku..pak tgh tekan dia slightly terkedepan)

*ibu unya nii!!* (bila maktuk pegang tudung, walopon suma tudung kt umah maktuk...suma dia kata ibu punya...she has some kind of war wit her maktuk...wonder y)

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