Friday, 15 June 2012

The birth of Wan Intan Ayesha Bt Wan Azhar - Pt 2

So, off we went for usual, there's always sumthing 'exciting' happen when having an active toddler around...due to over-excitedness watching ibu bring over a plate of nasik lemak, little girl spilled a glass of water, fortunately it was just plain water (lalu ibu pon wat statement, 'trus xjadik nk beranak pg ni')...

In conjuction with the 'walkin-around-to-ease-labor-exercise', I had planned to go to the Tesco for groceries and lunch...but between breakfast n lunch, i was contemplating whether im having the real contractions...did some research on delivery techniques, the doctor im going to for delivery (very2 last minute, didnt hv time to do dis b4,im juz plain bz to be surfing the net)...stil undecided where to give do i choose? based on the doctor? equipped facilities? budget? comfort? in case of emergency c-sec? man, dis is tough!!

One last thing i did b4 going to Tesco was taking a bath together wit akar fatimah...some call it bunga from if somebody going to perform hajj/umrah, u might want to order it from is said dat if the akar fatimah expands when u soak it in the water, then the time has come..u can then drink the water to ease the delivery process...a colleague gave another tip to take a bath with the akar fatimah which is wat i did..

I will do anything to expedite labor...dis includes, as crazy as it sounds, 'being together wit ur husband' when ur opening is 2cm =P ...for medical reason, it sounds logic to me...a nurse adviced me, 'sekarang kamu dah 38minggu, kerap2kanlah bersama suami, memudahkan bukaan,insyaallah lg cepat dilated'...hahaha, but of cos we didnt do it...hubby opposed to the idea the very minute he heard it...but if u r a hard-core-fan of the sitcom Friends, u wud notice dis issue when Rachel was going to give birth to Ross's child... =D

The akar fatimah did not expand, so i decided to go Tesco..thinking perhaps it wud be another day or two..after lunch n shopping, hubby was eyeing the foot cleansing treatment aka pedicure (he's been wanting to try it everytime we went to dis Tesco branch but i've managed to avoid it =P)...since i wont be around to tend to his needs for 40days, so i offered to look after lil girl while he's having fun being pampered a bit..


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