Monday, 15 March 2010

Bunting Pelamin

I bet there are some people who are unclear of the meaning of 'bunting pelamin'.....For example, my hubby =P....well at least at first....i remembered back then we were looking at some photos...saying dat how fast somebody (i dont remember who it was) got their baby when they were only married like a couple of months back.....i was saying 'ni mesti bunting pelamin ni'....suddenly my boifren (of coz my hubby now la) scolded me saying they are not nice words to say....well, i was stunned thinking did i say anything wrong?

'u ni, xbaik la kata kat org mcm tu.mana tau tu anak yg sah ka.'

'aikkkkkk, bla masa i kata xsah?'

'tu yg bunting pelamin tuuuu.'

suddenly i realized,' u tau x bunting pelamin tu apa?' hubby didnt know what the phrase meant....he tot like anak luar nikah or something....=P..... before i explained to him the meaning (which means pregnant on the first night after marriage), i laughed my heart out and if only i can 'guling2' on the floor, i would =P......sorry hubby, dis is a story i must blog to remember our memory in UK....luv u so much!!

Ok, back to why im writing about bunting pelamin....coz i believe im one of them....i had my period a week b4 getting married, so basically my 'waktu subur' was around the 1st night....hihihi, nice timing heh =D....and the result is :

-Ariana n flower-



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