Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Feeling like a teenager....

Beloved hubby downloaded a Korean series for me....Marry me Mary/Mary stayed out all night.... i didnt asked him to...juz dat i prepared a list of the korean series dat i would like to watch in my leisure time....n put in on his desktop.....a good way of hinting i suppose =P...tenkiu very much my honey bunnie.....


Dis drama is exactly wat i would be daydreaming of ten years ago when i was a teenager....revolving a secret,forced marriage, but to a handsome lad...initially he's a jerk...but as u go on, he's not bad after all....so at first u hate him, then later on u'll fall in love with him....the thrill is of coz at the secrecy part where u need to becareful dat no one knows ur married, esp to dis guy...for watever reason there is....hihihi, guess i watched too much drama or read too many malay romance novels =P....

Anyhow, dis drama has a similar storyline.....but the extra bonus is the male lead is soooooooooo kawaiiiii....yeah, too much like a lady....i can imagine hubby shaking his head in disbelief....too jambuu for him =P...but its a drama, u need to feast ur eyes right....n the supporting male lead is good looking as well...hence, for the first time ever, i hv the problem of choosing who do i support...Who would u choose?

Mu-Gyul (Jang Geun-Suk) is the lead vocalist and guitarist for a rock band. He is chic and lives a carefree bohemian lifestyle. He doesn't talk much and only wants to make music. Mu-Gyul doesn't care about success. He also suffers trauma with his mother and, because of this, becomes tired of the women he dates and leaves them. Mu-Gyul is a bad guy to women. When it appears Mu-Gyul will never get married a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes about. He meets Mary, money becomes involved and a 100 days of marriage ensues. During this time, Mu-Gyul not knowing the meaning of family, surprisingly falls in love with Mary who is combative, loyal, and spunky. Mu-Gyul finds himself becoming a rival of Jung-In for Mary's love.

Jung-In (Kim Jae-Wook) is the president of music company JI Entertainment producing a music drama. Jung-In was born into a wealthy family and has never lacked money. Jung-In is also good looking and has good manners. Because of this, Jung-In appears to be highly eligible bachelor for marriage. But, Jung-In also has a cold side - he doesn't like becoming too close to people. His weakest point is that he can never say no to his father. He enters into a 100 day fake marriage with Mary and soon falls in love with Mary. Jung-In also comes across Mu-Gyul who will help fulfill Jung-In's dream in the music world. Mu-Gyul will also become a rival for Jung-In over Marry.

I want both of them....huwaaaaarrrgghhhh........

P/s : dis is my way of letting some steam off...after a hard day at work n having to keep up wit lil girl....juz like the university days....syiok, syiok!!


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