Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Accidents do happen..

one morning i heard over fly fm pagi show on the way to work....the topic was 'have u ever did anything for a hot chick/dude?' while listening to the people calling in...suddenly i remembered hubby told me a story dat quite fit the topic discussed...well, he had hit someone's car from behind...n the driver was soooo mad at him....they agreed to meet somewhere about 3 days later...so, in order to 'umpan' the old man...do u know wat bait he used? his hottie ex-gf(at the time of dis accident happen, she was already an ex)...somehow, when the uncle saw his pretty ex, his heart suddenly melt down n started to court the ex...so, in the end he managed to get away wit only having to pay not much (i dont remember the details)...world is just unfair huh...

going back to the title of dis post...in my life, i've had 2 accidents so far...hihi, dats quite alot for someone whos just been driving for 7 years...here's the story :

1. Accident in Langkawi : I stayed at Langkawi for one whole week dis time...first 3 days was wit my family, my sis was stil studying there....we rented a Wira under dad's name...the last 3 days was wit my frens, so dad transferred the car to be my name...it was a manual...frens came, we had enjoyed the whole day, parasailing, banana boat, swimming in the sea...then its time to go for dinner,it was raining...i was tired n hungry...so i started the engine, n wanted to do a 3-point-turn, theres a wall here...usually i'll reverse a bit b4 making a full turn....however, i dunno wat happen, i just decided to make a full turn and screeeeecccchhhhh....theres a sound...my frens were already panic...i didnt realize how bad it is until we arrived at the destination n i actually saw the damage...damn, cermin lampu pecah, n i scratch the bumper quite badly...melayang 400ringgit aku....told my dad, he transferred my money to my account....we made dis a secret from my mum (dad asked me to..coz he knows she'll freaked out n never will she let me drive again)...unfortunately we got busted a few years later...due to mum read my sms to dad (somehow evidence was not deleted)...my excuse : i was tired from the parasailing activity during the day, so my mind cannot function properly..plus, i was stil studying n therefore was rich at dis time so i dont care dat much...

2. Accident at Seberang Jaya roundabout : i was on my way home after going to the gym....in my Naza Sutera manual car...i admit dat i was unpatient to let the small lorry to pass by first...hm, dis is abit hard to explain...basically, i wanted to enter the 3rd exit at the roundabout....the lorry wanted to go for the 2nd exit...so i should be in the inner lane n he was supposed to be at the outer lane...but we were the opposite...so, i tot dat the lorry would go for the 3rd exit n i would juz follow him...nooooo, how wrong was i...i crash into him (we were like bersilang) n he hit into my side door (passenger's side door luckily)...n my car was swirled to the middle of the road...another car almost hit me at the front...luckily, he stopped...cost me another 600ringgit...uwaaaa, by dis time i was getting married in like a month or so....i was soooooo careful wit my expenses n yet, accidents do happen..

lesson learn : pls drive carefully guys...


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