Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Why do I blog ?

A. to fill my past time

B. to follow the trend of blogging world

C. to express my feelings and thoughts

D. to keep my memories written so dat i dont forget them

E. to make money

The answer is of coz all the above....well, not so much of to fill my past time, i dont quite hv much time esp when im home....i dont easily follow trends until i see the benefits which is of coz to capture memories of wat happen in my every day life...if i were to follow trends, i would take up blogging lonnggggg time ago when my frens were crazy wit blogs....I generally prefer reading one rather than typing (i do feel like im writing SPM essays but luckily dis are my thoughts n hence no restrictions except from my hubby n the govt)...

My style of writing is very informal and casual...cannot let ariana read until shes old enuf to understand dat the spelling n grammar r 'tunggang-terbalik'....her english would be spoil....also, im mixing the languages as im used to 'rojak' until i go to UK (language was hard in UK initially....well, based in penang i liked to to make a full sentence was pretty difficult)

I would really love if my blog can make money...lotssssssssssss of money....for example like redmummy.....shes one powerful female malay blogger in malaysia....she makes like 5 figures i think thru nuffnang...but reading her blog i know dat its pure hard work...go to events....nights n wiken n even taking leaves....dont think im able to do dat...she sleeps at 1 or 2 n wakes up at 5 or 6.....noooooooo, dats sooooooo not, ill stick to my style for now...

Wrapping up, i hope dat my blog will stay for a long time....n may i keep blogging even tho nobody wants to read it =P....juz for fun sake...



adek said...


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I blog because I love to write, not so much of making money because I hate going to events, I hate night late outs socializing.

So welcome to blogging world!

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