Saturday, 12 February 2011

Day 1 : A starter..

11/2/11, Tuesday

Starting Weight : to be updated

Breakfast : 1 packet of Nasik lemak, milo
Lunch : bawal bakar, salad, kerang rebus
Dinner : pasembur (minus the cucur), 4 pcs of nugget
Water : 1.5L
Snacks : Chocolate

Exercise : None
Total calories worked : None

Not much activity in the production, just sitting finishing up some, not much walking....


adek said...

uihh haven nya mkn , ni ka dietnya?? =P

intonne said... namanya diet xdak nasik...tgk kt atas tu, akak xmkn nasik kan..kan?? masa bekpes ja bleh nasik....=P

Unknown Blogaholic :) said...

wah...bakar & rebus? Seriously??!!

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