Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day 8: Survivng..

18/2/11, Friday :

Starting Weight : 65kg....huwaaarrggghhh!!!
Current Weight : 64.2kg
Total Loss :0.8kg

Breakfast :Nasik lemak, warm water

Lunch :grilled stingray , burger's meat, taugeh, warm water

Dinner :chicken tomyam, telur bungkus, warm sunquick

Water : ~2L

Exercise : None
Total calories worked : None


Read about atkins diet...fuyooo, there's alot of taboo for initial start-up....huhuhu, where can i get all the meat...there's alot of carbo food in the world we live avoid eating nuts, processed food...even FRUITS cannot??!? huwaarrgghhh....ive tried to resist for these few days n i cant stand the hunger...not dat i wanted to eat rice so much, i want to eat all other junkies, bread, pastry, noodles....

its hard for me to eat fish...i dont like fish so much due to the smell n a lot of bones...other than 'ikan pari', not so keen on others....steamed is a NO-NO....only fried or grilled or baked....wit rice, i can eat a lot...without the rice, im only able to goble a ill be hungry in an hour...if i dont eat anything, ill start to feel gassy (this starts to happen during my pregnancy)...fortunately not until the point of heartburn....

today, after a week....i breached the no carb after breakfast diet by eating 2 gardenia buns after work...didnt had any teabreak (too many meetings i hv to attend due to boss entrusted me wit more responsibility dis yr...chance to prove myself as a powerful, outstanding engineer...muahahahaaa, berangan2 but i loikeee)....felt too weak already, to the point dat i may stumbled, not able to walk, hence the sacrifice of my diet...

will i survive the next day??


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